Plus: Why the revival has 'more range' than the original series

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As much as the idea of a Gilmore Girls revival excited fans from day one, star Lauren Graham was hesitant.

“Sometimes you get a cast back together and you wish it’d just stayed in your memory,” Graham tells EW. But thankfully, once she knew the story that writers/directors Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino had planned for Netflix’s upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Graham was in.

“It really picks up in a way that feels so truthful to where these people might be, and it’s just as dynamic as it was. It really felt to me like we could just keep telling this story and it didn’t feel forced,” Graham says of the revival. “That’s such a testament to Amy and Dan. They created real living characters, and I think for a lot of us it was a perfect match. Kelly [Bishop] can do anything, but what better part could she possibly have as an actor than this? And I feel that way too. It was just such a good match that to pick it up again felt really inevitable and definitely easy in most ways.”

That’s not to say that fans are going to get the exact same Stars Hollow that they left behind in 2007. “The series was something meant to entertain week to week to week,” Amy Sherman-Palladino says. “This is its own thing. That’s why we keep saying it’s not necessarily a revisiting of the show.”

The biggest difference for fans will be the loss of Edward Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore before he died in 2014. In dealing with his absence, Sherman-Palladino says fans can expect the revival to have a bit more emotion. Speaking of which, the first trailer for the revival saw Lorelai doing the unthinkable — exercising. “It’s a big story, what she’s doing hiking,” Graham says, before adding: “We lost one of our key family members in Ed and you wouldn’t want to gloss over that. Even if he was still with us, it’s the format being longer, it’s all these people being grown-up — it has a greater depth.”

Graham continues: “For years, people asked about doing a movie. This is that in terms of when you follow somebody over that length of time, there has to be a more dramatic arc. It’s still super fun, but it definitely does have a little more range.”

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And walking away from it, does Graham feel like she can finally leave Lorelai Gilmore behind, feeling content with her ending? “It was literally everything I wanted it to be in terms of conclusions but also in terms of wanting it to be special,” Graham says. “It was satisfying for me as an actor. The writing is incredibly beautiful. The storytelling is great. There’s some magical elements that I think are really cinematic. It really was incredibly, incredibly gratifying.”

But was it good enough to merit even more Gilmore? “I think on the one hand, I wouldn’t want to touch it,” Graham says. “And then on the other, it made me hungry for more.” We hear the burgers at Luke’s are delicious.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

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