With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Ellen DeGeneres put Vince Vaughn in a room of kids to figure out what the little ones take away from the holiday. But because it’s Vaughn, the conversation steered away from thoughtful inclinations about family and friends and more towards “the good stuff” (i.e. toys and his new nickname “Prince Vaughn”).

When one of the kids named Robert Downey Jr. as his favorite celebrity, the comedian joked, “I’ve actually met Robert and, honestly, not the nicest of guys. If you like people that tip, then he may not be for you, so you might wanna switch over to Prince Vince.”

Vaughn did teach the children to be thankful for their parents, but not for the reasons one might assume: “Let me tell you why you should be thankful for your parents, ’cause your parents have to be friends with your friends’ parents and guess what? They don’t wanna be.” He added, “Be thankful that your parents are putting up with some boring people because they want you to have a nice day.”

That’s the spirit! Watch them discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving, Prince Vaughn (again), and more in the video below.

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