This is one “Memory” Eddie Redmayne may just want to forget.

Redmayne stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night along with Jessica Chastain, and though the meeting was a reunion of sorts for the Brits, who attended the same stage school in their native England, Redmayne was forced to live out everyone’s worst nightmare and watch himself sing on stage as a preteen.

“I didn’t really have any friends,” Redmayne recalled of his time in school. “I’d be the guy that sang ‘Memory’ from Cats and James would be like, rapping and doing street dance. I was a bit scared of him.”

Before long, a smirk began to creep onto Corden’s face, and Redmayne knew his past would soon be coming back to haunt him.

“I knew coming on this show was a bad idea,” Redmayne said, suddenly very anxious at the idea of airing his awkward middle school videos for the world to see.

Corden played a clip of a precocious young Eddie, decked out in a turtleneck and standing against a green screen, belting the song “Memory” from the musical Cats. Redmayne, meanwhile, reacted as most of us would, and recoiled in embarrassment and covered his eyes, saying it was “the worst thing that’s ever happened.”

Corden also showed off Eddie (excuse us, Edward)’s adorable preteen head shot, as well as his own. And even Chastain wasn’t safe — Corden revealed her middle school head shot, too, and it must be said, she’s giving off serious Barb from Stranger Things vibes.

Watch the clip in all its delightful awkwardness below.

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