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Every week, the cast and crew of FXX’s sharp, raunchy, cult comedy, You’re the Worst, is taking EW behind the scenes. For each episode, one member is recapping, sharing thoughts on what went down, and walking us through the ins-and-outs of the show. This week, creator Stephen Falk brings us into the season finale of season 3, “No Longer Just Us.”

Hi. My name is Stephen Falk and I am the creator of You’re The Worst. Last night’s season 3 finale episode, “No Longer Just Us,” was written by myself, as well as the writing team of Shane Kosakowski and Franklin Hardy (sometimes it takes a village) and directed by Wendey Stanzler. I started my “career” as a TV recapper (for Television Without Pity — RIP) and now I’m doing it again, only not getting paid this time. Step backwards!

FWIW, the final two episodes are premiering on the same night because next week is Thanksgiving, and I guess the thinking is that people are too busy with family to watch our dirty, dirty show. Whatever. All (most) families are made from sex! That sounds weird. Let’s just start.

Previously, all three of our main couples were fighting out their season-long beefs in a bottle episode (look it up!). The finale opens at a bar where Jimmy and Gretchen are day-drinking (before lunch [!], according to the time we put on the phone in this scene). Jimmy has by now finished his book and reads it to Gretchen. Gretchen asks if they’re OK after their big, unresolved fight, but neither want to go down that road, so they just keep drinking (solid technique).

Jimmy sees on Twitter about a recent murder near their house and Gretchen, a “creepy, creepy murder girl,” demands they go visit the site and look for clues. On the way, they come across a daytime DUI checkpoint and immediately make an illegal turn and, to cover their “tracks,” in a well-rehearsed sequence, they grab a “go bag” from the backseat, change clothes, put on disguises, slash the tire, then drop their old clothes in a trash can and light it on fire, walking away clean. Though now they are on foot. Unable to get Ubers due to their terrible ratings, Jimmy and Gretchen walk past a school and discuss their future childrearing techniques; they discuss the kids in too much detail for the teacher’s comfort. They then head to a brunch spot where therapist Justina has Foursquared she will be, to find she’s having a little goodbye party; she’s moving to Iowa for her boyfriend’s new job. Gretchen and Justina bid a semi-tearful goodbye and vow to do Skype therapy sessions from now on; Jimmy is proud of the progress that Justina says Gretchen has made. (Has she? I mean, really?)

Meanwhile, Paul and his lawyer hold an initial divorce settlement hearing with Lindsay, who jumps at the first offer of two grand a month, thinking it’s a lot of money. Paul turns into a super-villain and laughs maniacally about how now he’s “cucking” her now! Paul gets his comeuppance when Becca and Vernon arrive to show off their newborn, Tallulah, and Becca shuns Paul from even meeting the baby, saying that he’s no longer part of this family. When Paul appeals to Vernon, a sad Vernon tells him to “go on, git!” and throws a handful of change at him to scare him away.

Elsewhere, Edgar goes to Doug Benson to un-accept the job offer writing on his new show, but changes his mind, annoying Doug. After a brief interlude with Doug’s new assistant (Steve Agee, reprising his role as the very impressionable, often-unemployed Dutch), Edgar goes to Dorothy to tell her the news… and discovers that she’s giving up on L.A. and moving back to Jacksonville. Edgar thinks that’s in Texas and agrees to follow her, but changes his mind when she reveals it’s in Florida. (Sorry, Florida. After this election, ya kind of have it coming.) Dorothy says that she isn’t going to “make it” and that not everyone gets their dream — a sobering thought but measurably true. She asks Edgar to see if he knows of anyone who might want to take over her lease. As it turns out, Edgar does, and later, he leaves Lindsay in the tiny, gross, Dorothy-free and now-mostly-empty studio, alone and poor, but happy and finally free.

Back to Jimmy and Gretchen: Having gotten Jimmy’s car, they finally make it to the murder site high in the hills, where Jimmy surprises Gretchen by popping the question. It turns out there was no murder — he made the whole thing up, including the Twitter and news article about it. Touched, Gretchen says yes, and when the fireworks from the below Hollywood Bowl concert venue begin, Jimmy heads to get a hoodie for them to bone on from his car down at street level. As he walks away, Gretchen makes a little speech about how “this fits” and how he lost a dad but gained her. They’re a “family” now. Yes, she says the “F” word. Face darkening, Jimmy walks to his car and gets the hoodie… and jumps in, driving away quickly. A stunned Gretchen watches Jimmy drive off down the hill, the fireworks exploding behind her.

Some additional thoughts:

  • Look closely in the opening scene — or really not that closely — and you’ll see our resident Barfly (Colin Campbell), who has been in 90 percent of all bar scenes since season 1. He’s our little human Easter egg.
  • Edgar’s breakfast sushi is the first of his meals I haven’t drooled over while watching it in editing. But it’s sure neat.
  • We’ve been asked by numerous people if we were ever going to write Jimmy’s erotic novel, The Width of a Peach, to publish in real life. The answer is… probably not, no. We’re very busy.
  • The school scene, where Jimmy and Gretchen call children “hot” and talk about their abs and asses, made me very uncomfortable to shoot. I’m human!
  • Samira Wiley’s new haircut is courtesy of her Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale, which she’s currently shooting in Toronto. Lucky Hulu.
  • If you remember, Killian’s dad disappeared on him and he’s been living alone in the house. In this episode, Killian asks for some of Becca’s baby’s formula. Killian probably doesn’t have much time left. (Sadly, his appearance in episode 10 did not make the final cut, where it was revealed during the treehouse scene that he’d been stealing lemons from Jimmy’s backyard for sustenance.)
  • The final song is one of the few I found rather than my amazing music supervisor, Tiffany Anders. It’s called “Hammond Song” by The Roches and was released in 1979.
  • Since I know my sister is going to yell at me for leaving Jimmy and Gretchen in a bad place, I assume there will be equally strong feelings elsewhere. Sorry! Love, and TV, is tough.

And that’s it. Thank you for watching and reading our recaps. This show is a privilege to make, and thank you to EW! It’s been fun. See you in season 4!

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.

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