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In October 2000, Amy Sherman-Palladino introduced the world to Stars Hollow, Connecticut, a small town filled with love, humor, and troubadours. In that moment, no one could predict that it would take 16 years for her to get her end.

After Gilmore Girl‘s sixth season, Sherman-Palladino — along with executive producer Daniel Palladino — left the show due to contract disputes. And without them, the show lasted for one more season, but with no involvement from the Palladino team, the show never got the ending they’d always planned. Until now.

With Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, both Sherman-Palladino and her husband returned to write and direct all four movies. That means Sherman-Palladino gets the chance to say a proper goodbye more than 10 years after season 6 aired its final episode. “We got the ending that weirdly was supposed to be the end of the series,” Sherman-Palladino tells EW. “They could’ve done something in season 7 that would’ve changed our ending and that would’ve been OK, but they didn’t.”

That ending includes the series’ final four words, which Sherman-Palladino first came up with in season 1. And no, they haven’t changed. “I knew it from the very beginning, I really did,” she says. “And it was only because I knew where I wanted the show as a series to go.”

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And with the format of the revival being four 90-minute movies, the creator not only got her goodbye, but she got the chance to tell stories that had been in the works during the original run of the show. “Because we got to write it all ahead of time before we started directing, it was more like reaffirming things that we had thought about in the original series,” Sherman-Palladino says. “[We used to say], ‘If we had more time we could do things like this,’ and then having more time, it was like, ‘We were right.’ It was more about getting to do things in a way with this new format and with the fact that we weren’t answering to a studio and a network the way we were in series. It was a different animal. It was just an opportunity to really craft things the way you want them crafted without worrying about the outside world.”

Sherman-Palladino might not have worried about the outside world while writing it, but now she’s more than ready for the outside world to see it. “It’s time for everyone to see these shows,” she says. “This is the story that we wanted to tell, and we got to tell that story.”

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

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