November 17, 2016 at 01:23 PM EST

Stephen Colbert tore into Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show, going on an extended riff about the pair before bringing cartoon versions of the world leaders on stage to make out.

“Even though it looks like Hillary Clinton will take the popular vote, we have to accept that the winner of this election was a Washington outsider who no one thought had a shot at running this country: Vladimir Putin,” Colbert joked. “Because while Donald Trump’s position on a lot of issues in unclear, he has a firm position on Putin, and I’m going to guess it’s missionary.”

Calling Putin and Trump by their celebrity name (“Donomir Prumpin”), Colbert noted how both men had a phone conversation after Trump’s election win, where they discussed threats and challenges to the United States. “Which was easy to remember because the threat [Putin] was talking to the challenge [Trump],” Colbert joked.

“Despite the fact that we know Vladimir Putin’s a bad guy, Trump cartoonishly insists that he’s a model for leadership,” Colbert added, before bringing out the cartoon version of Trump he often mocks on The Late Show. Cartoon Trump was firm in his stance against Putin… sort of. “I will nyet be told what to do by anyone, no matter how handsome they are,” he said, before it was revealed that a cartoon version of Putin was whispering in Cartoon Trump’s ear.

“We’re so close,” Cartoon Trump said.

“We finish each other’s elections,” Cartoon Putin concluded.

After Cartoon Putin took his shirt off and hypnotized Cartoon Trump with his pectoral muscles, the pair made out. “Don’t make me get the hose,” Colbert said to the animations.

Watch below.

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