Girls may be heading into its final season, but that doesn’t mean the streets of Brooklyn will be leaving your TV screens any time soon. Search Party, TBS’s new mystery-comedy, is ready to take the reigns as the most millennial show on air, and star Alia Shawkat sat down with Entertainment Weekly: The Show to talk about what she calls “the hipster version of Columbo.”

“I love Brooklyn,” she told EW’s Ray Rahman of the show’s filming location. “It’s kind of the best. We’d wrap [shooting], and I wouldn’t go home, I’d just be like, ‘Alright, I’m just gonna keep going, there’s a good restaurant around the corner.’ It’s very accessible. Also, it’s nice to be doing something like making a TV show, and it’s not the most important thing that’s happening. In L.A., it’s very much like, ‘It’s happening, everyone stop living!'” Everyone’s so excited about it, whereas here it’s like, people walk by like nothing’s happening.”

Shawkat stars as Dory, an underacheiver who takes it upon herself to solve a missing persons case when she realizes she went to college with the victim. Of course, she’s got a quirky gang of friends along for the ride, a crew Shawkat says hit it off immediately. “[The cast chemistry] kind of happened right away, which I think good chemistry does,” she says. “We all just really connected. We all had the same sense of humor and taste and I really love the cast — they’re all so funny.”

Shawkat is best known for her work on another sitcom with a funny cast, the cult favorite Arrested Development. The show made a comeback in 2013 with season 4 after a long hiatus, but can we expect the Bluth clan to reunite for a fifth?

“I think there’s talks of it,” Shawkat says. “It’s not radio silence, there’s some idea of it, but I think I speak for all the other cast members, when we all just wait until we get the email from [creator] Mitch Hurwitz. And once he tells us, we follow.”

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Search Party premieres Monday at 11 p.m. on TBS.

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