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My So-Called Life was cancelled too soon after one season, but lucky for fans, creator Winnie Holzman recently revealed what she had in mind for the story if there had been a season 2.

Holzman spoke to Elle for a My So-Called Life oral history published Wednesday, in which she answers the question foremost on every fan’s mind: Is Angela dating Jordan or Brian? The answer: Jordan. “I pictured a situation where Angela and Jordan are an item, Delia and Brian are an item, and Angela and Brian are constantly looking to each other for advice and help with their respective dysfunctional relationships,” she said. At least Brian finally gets a girlfriend, even if it’s not Angela, the one he’s meant to be with. On the plus side, Angela and Brian coming to each other would have been rife with sexual tension.

Holzman didn’t stop there with the reveals, also dropping these bombshells: Sharon is pregnant, Angela’s parents are divorced, and everyone at school finds out Mr. Katimski is gay.

Knowing is better than nothing at all. Read the full My So-Called Life feature and more on those plot revelations in Elle here.

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