By Will Robinson
November 16, 2016 at 12:53 AM EST
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Don’t get this vinyl sleeve wet or expose it to bright light — or maybe you should.

EW is exclusively debuting Mondo’s new Gremlins soundtrack, which arrives in time for the holiday season. The two-LP set channels the 1984 horror comedy and is graced by a demonic mogwai, the titular creatures who are particular about their environments.

The set is just like the monsters: The artwork, by Phantom City Creative, features an ultraviolet-sensitive gatefold jacket that reveals hidden messages when exposed to daylight; the disc sleeves are water sensitive; additional artwork is revealed when exposed to a damp cloth. So at a certain time of day, either cute Gizmo or lethal Gizmo will appear by himself or accompanied by tiny, furry allies.

The Gremlins set goes on sale Nov. 30.

Front Cover (UV light)
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Sleeve 1 (dry)
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Sleeve 1 (wet)
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Sleeve 2 (dry)
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Sleeve 2 (wet)
Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Mondo/Phantom City Creative

Mondo specializes in honoring beloved pop culture artifacts with reimagined records, posters, and more. See a collection of what the company has to offer for the 2016 holiday season below and on its website,

Mondo/Matt Taylor

Mondo/Matthew Woodson

Mondo/Phantom City Creative

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