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During his Muff of Truth game with Andy Cohen on Monday night, Jimmy Fallon confessed that he’s secretly a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and has been bingeing the entire series in preparation for the upcoming Netflix revival. On Tuesday night, Fallon explained that he still has three seasons left to watch in the 10 days before A Year in the Life hits Netflix, but was feeling confident about his chances. More importantly, Fallon listed his four favorite characters in the series.

Immediately disqualifying Lorelai and Rory as too obvious, Fallon professed his admiration for Taylor (“He just makes me laugh every time I see him”), Luke (“Come on”), Kirk (“He’s unbelievably funny, always up to something weird”). His absolute favorite, though, is Paris.

“Paris is smart, she’s got the brains, but she’s having a little tough time right now in college,” Fallon said. “I’m seeing the wild side of Paris, and I’m a little concerned. I want to swim around her brain for a bit and see what she’s thinking.”

Watch the clip below.

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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