'A great responsibility lies before me and I assure you, I am ready'

By Ruth Kinane
November 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Courtesy of ITV for MASTERPIECE
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Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman is time-traveling again, but this time, she’ll be staying put in the 19th century as Queen Victoria in Masterpiece on PBS’ new series, Victoria.

The 8-episode ITV drama premieres in January with young queen at the beginning of her 63-year reign. The first season explores the early years of the second longest-reigning British monarch (after present queen, Elizabeth II), from her ascension in 1837 to the birth of her first child, Victoria, in 1840. In the exclusive trailer above, audiences get a glimpse at the opulence of the Buckingham Palace, the coronation and subsequent ball, and the beginnings of the queen’s romance with the very dashing Prince Albert (Tom Hughes, About Time), all dressed up in pretty period costume. 

The clip begins with a messenger from Windsor delivering the news that the king, Victoria’s uncle, has died, meaning that she will now ascend to the throne. At just 18 years old, the inexperienced queen looks for advice from her mentor, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne (played by Rufus Sewell, The Man in the High Castle), who steps in to assure the young monarch of her courage.

Later in the trailer, it seems Victoria has taken his words to heart as she assertively warns her subjects and doubters, “If I require advice I will ask for it.” The clip concludes with Coleman’s voice ringing clear: “A great responsibility lies before me and I assure you, I am ready.”

Find out just how ready she is when Victoria premieres on Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. on Masterpiece on PBS. Watch the exclusive trailer above.

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