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Updated November 16, 2016 at 07:12 PM EST

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Self referential … meta … reactionary … fan servicing — these are all things that Game of Thrones is, quite admirably, not.

The GoT showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, famously ignore online comments and criticism to simply focus on telling the best story possible, without giving our feedback a vote, or a reply. Yet a sequence from season 6 provided a perfect opportunity to reflect online reactions to the show, and there was one referential bit in particular that was deleted from the final cut.

In the scene, which is available on the newly released DVD and Blu-ray, Arya is watching the theatre troupe in Braavos that’s portraying some of the King’s Landing palace intrigue chronicled during the show’s earlier seasons. It’s basically an in-show version of Game of Thrones (a shorter version of the scene aired during the season). In one of the deleted bits, a conversation breaks out among Arya’s fellow viewers: “Violence and profanity,” one says. “How original.”

Arya shoots back: “Why don’t you just leave, then?”

After an actress is stripped topless on stage, they do indeed leave — but add slams like “utterly gratuitous” and “disgusting and unacceptable.” Why, if only they had Twitter accounts, Lady Crane would so be getting trolled!

Previously, co-executive producer Bryan Cogman spoke to EW about the sequence: “Being able to comment on the show and the reactions to the show through the players were so much fun. The show is often accused of being gratuitous in all kinds of way – the violence and the bigness of the characters. It’s a huge operatic story. We’re able to lovingly spoof ourselves but also play with ideas about how audiences view the show, good and bad, and how a perspective of a story changes.”

The scene was put online illegally so we cannot show you the full clip. But here’s one of the other deleted scenes HBO has made available:

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