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Double Dare is busy celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this fall, and in order to mark the special occasion, Nickelodeon has decided to put together a reunion special, airing Nov. 23.

The half-hour episode will feature footage from the original series, as well as newer challenges that were taped earlier this year. And based on the exclusive promo above, original host Marc Summers, announcer John Harvey, and right-hand woman Robin Russo won’t be the only ones returning. The cast of All That will also be making an appearance and possibly dishing some dirt.

“We decided to keep it classic Double Dare,” says Summers about the show’s brief return. “We haven’t really changed much of anything. Maybe more whipped cream and more slime. But other than that, the physical challenges are what they are.”

It would seem that contestants haven’t changed much either. The only difference is that the newer competitors who used to be fans of the older series had a bit of a reality check. “They always tell me that they would yell at the screen, ‘The flag is there! Why don’t you see the flag?’ [But] once you get there it’s not so easy,” Summers says. “The pressure is on.”

The Double Dare special will air on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on Nick at Nite, with a special encore on The Splat at 10 p.m. ET.

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