November 16, 2016 at 01:24 PM EST

Donald Trump’s transition to the presidency is already in chaos, argued Seth Meyers on Tuesday’s episode of Late Night.

Aside from high-profile dropouts, the team also reportedly faces internal divisions, such as the one between establishment chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon, who ran Breitbart News before leading the Trump campaign and whose appointment has been celebrated by white nationalists. As Meyers noted, Bannon’s hiring has been so controversial it’s drawn a wide range of condemnations.

“You know the world has gone insane when Glenn Beck and Bernie Sanders are on the same page. For them to be on the same page, the book has to be one page long,” Meyers said, bringing up a graphic of a book called We’re All F—ed.

Then there’s the matter of Trump’s businesses. Throughout the campaign, Trump declared that his children would run his businesses for him in a blind trust (though that hasn’t come to pass just yet). Then there’s the concern that his children might try to make a profit from their dad’s presidency. After the family appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday, an employee for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry sent out an email to promote the $10,800 bracelet she wore during the interview.

“Did you hear that, disenfranchised white working class voters? For only $11,000, you can make your wrist great again!” Meyers said.

Watch the clip below.

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