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Blindspot - Season 3

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

Blindspot’s mole has finally been revealed — and it was basically who we all expected.

During the midseason finale, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) helped the FBI locate Sandstorm’s compound. But Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) uncovered her deception, revealing that they knew she was with the FBI because of their own mole: Borden (Ukweli Roach).

Revealed via flashback to after the U.S. government attempted to kill Jane and her Orion squad in Afghanistan, Borden, who was working with Doctors Without Borders at the time, took Jane in, but the U.S. bombed his village in a bid to kill Jane, slaying Borden’s wife. Hence, Borden joined Jane (and subsequently Sandstorm) in their mission to get revenge.

Knowing that Jane was going to betray them, Shepherd made sure to feed her false information, leading the team into a trap. Shepherd then tasked Roman with killing his sister, but he couldn’t pull the trigger, turning the gun on Shepherd — which is exactly what she expected. With mom planning to kill them both, the Kruger siblings fought back, shooting their mother before escaping into the night. Knowing Roman may turn against her, Jane ultimately dosed him with the memory loss drug.

But that wasn’t the most shocking moment of the night. Patterson discovered Borden basically planning to make a run for it. The two fight and a gunshot rings out. But who was shot?! EW turned to executive producer Martin Gero for answers:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you please give fans some hope that Patterson will survive?

MARTIN GERO: Uhhhhhhhh…. Yes, I can give them some hope.

So where are we picking up the back half of the season?

At that exact moment. As it is now, I’m just working on the cut, but right now, it starts the second after the finale.

Is it safe to say one of them is dead?

It is safe to say that one of them is shot.

Do you think Borden truly cares for Patterson?

That’s a very complicated issue, because I think in his heart, he probably thinks he does care for Patterson, but you don’t do the things he did to Patterson if you cared for somebody. It’s pretty reckless and insane of him to try to get involved with her. It’s pretty harsh what he did. He’s done pretty much every bad thing that you can do to somebody by his interactions in his relationship with Patterson. So he can justify it all he wants inside of himself, but I think objectively it’s pretty terrible.

Patterson is so unlucky in love. David died last season and now she’s been dating the mole. How is this going to affect her?

It’s going to really shake her. We showed last year that she does not do well with dealing with things. She’s kind of an avoidance character. Should she survive, that’s something that she would have to struggle with.

Did you know from the beginning that Borden was the mole? How did you decide on him?

Yeah, we knew pretty early on. We started to have conversations about who that should be in their organization, because we figured they would not just send her in there alone, and it just made the most sense. Also, if you look back to the pilot, he’s the other new person in the show. He meets Weller and Mayfair for the first time in the opening scene of the pilot. Then he convinces Jane to not quit the FBI, he pushes Jane towards Weller, he’s telling Weller to open up as much about Taylor Shaw so that Jane can get intel. So if you look back, suddenly you’re like, “Oh my god, this guy has been helping Jane’s Sandstorm mission pretty effectively since the beginning.”

To confirm, this was the only mole? Or should we still be worried?

Well, I’ll never say anything decisively, but this is the mole that they’ve been talking about for the season.

Jane wipes Roman’s memories — how will his journey differ from Jane’s?

Well, they’re very different people. Jane takes an extraordinary measure, because she starts to realize in working with her family, and Roman especially, how lucky she was to have this memory wipe, because you are the result of your experiences and their experiences were very traumatic and terrible. When she realizes that Roman is a lost cause, that he will never work with the FBI, that he’ll never be able to trust Jane again, she makes a very bold decision to wipe his slate as well, which is such a full circle from the opening of the show where she was raging against the people that did this to her and now feels thankful for. So Roman plays a much bigger part in the second half of the season as Jane tries to bend him back toward where she is. The question is: Is that possible? Is he a sociopath? Is that something that you can fix by wiping your memory? Is he capable of love? What is the nature of identity? It’s a question that has resonated in the show for a long time, and I think will continue to do so in a really interesting and new way in the back half of the season.

How would Roman respond to finding out the truth about what she did? We know that Jane has flashbacks to her past life.

And so will Roman, and it will be an invaluable resource to us, his flashes. All I’ll say is, and I won’t tell you which way they go, but one of the big discussions in the next couple episodes is whether to tell him the truth or not about what happened.

You’re saying he’s going to have some flashes, so are we going to learn more about Roman’s background, both with Jane and the time he has been away from her?


Wiping Roman’s memories means he can’t debrief her on Phase 2. So what is Jane’s next move in that regard?

Well, a lot of it falls to Patterson. It’s hard to give away the mechanics of the how, but it’s definitely a lot harder. Now Sandstorm has gone underground, they’re silent, they have — we assume — adapted whatever Phase 2 plans they have. For us, it’s a mad dash in the back half of the season trying to piece together what Phase 2 is, and also using the one piece that we know we have, which is somehow this has something to do with Weller, that there’s some sort of connection to Weller in there and what can we learn from that.

So was the power grid overload plan fake?


How much more dangerous is Shepherd now that she’s lost her family?

Well, she’s certainly a lot more unpredictable and is desperate. Desperate people do crazier and crazier things. I mean, thankfully she’ll have Borden back at her side. So it’s hard to talk about, but she’s as ferocious as ever.

Shepherd planned to kill both of her children. Is she irredeemable?

I think so. I mean, I think she’s been irredeemable. Here’s the thing, I don’t disagree with anything that Sandstorm wants to do, but their methodology is insane. There’s a better way to restart the country, so to speak, than tearing it to the ground, but they think only from the ashes can they rise. So they are an insanely dangerous group and their methodology is inexcusable.

Shepherd made sure Weller wasn’t with the team during the trap. She says they have bigger plans for him. What can you tease in that regard?

Not much. I mean, again, it’s one of those things that we’ve carefully layered in for the last season and a half, but we would like it to be an inevitable surprise when it shows up.

You brought up that Borden was also new when the show started. So if it wasn’t Borden, who provided the info that Weller would have that emotional tie to Taylor Shaw?

They know Weller very well.

Anything else you can tease for the back half of the season?

If you like watching the show even as a casual viewer, not to make people nervous, but we are going to see what Phase 2 is, we are going to see what these tattoos are all about. Most of the major questions of the show will find some sort of answer in the next 13 episodes. So I’ll tell you, every episode that we break, I’m just like, “Oh man, I can’t believe we’re able to give this away right now. That’s crazy.” It is set-up to be quite a rollercoaster ride to the finish and I think it will be very, very satisfying with a twist at the end that I hope no one will see coming.

Stay tuned for much more Blindspot scoop during the winter hiatus!

Blindspot returns Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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