By Rachel DeSantis
Updated November 15, 2016 at 09:27 PM EST

Andy Cohen’s third book, Superficial, hits shelves Tuesday, but don’t expect the television host’s latest to be, well, superficial.

In a recent appearance on The Jess Cagle Interview, the Watch What Happens Live host admitted that while he still hopes his readers will find his stories humorous, Superficial, written in diary form, will delve deeper into his emotions than ever before.

“It is almost two years of my life in diary form and I really have been worried that I went too far, and it’s too revealing, and been getting a little self-conscious about certain feelings that I reveal in it,” Cohen told Cagle during an EW SiriusXM Town Hall.

He also explained how the book, which begins in September 2014 with Joan Rivers’ funeral and wraps up on Memorial Day of this year, was a step away from the more shallow tones of his previous work.

“[My first book] is kind of a memoir that is great fun and good stories, and the second was a diary, but in it, I would say that it was highly edited,” Cohen explained. “I seem like a Ken doll with no genitalia. Nothing really affects me.”

Cohen said that Superficial forced the not-usually-introspective host to look deeper inside himself, and deal with the loneliness he faced.

“There are moments of real loneliness and isolation that I think are probably common,” he told Cagle. “But A, the fact that I’m allowing myself to go there in my own mind, and then to write about how that feels after you’ve hosted an episode of your talk show and people are cheering for you. It sounds really trite and like a bad Lifetime movie, and then you go home and you’re actually like, ‘Wow, I feel lonely and this doesn’t feel good.'”

Such inward thinking even affected Cohen’s love life, as it gave him motivation to date differently and open himself up more. Superficial tracks the result of that and its subsequent relationship, which Cohen says “allowed me to just kind of come to it on my own.”

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