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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Saturday Night Live captured the feeling some had watching last week’s election night results in a sketch that found host Dave Chappelle and surprise guest Chris Rock mocking a room full of Hillary Clinton supporters.

In the scene, which was set on election night, a group of Clinton voters excitedly waited for their candidate to win the presidency — only to watch the victory slip away and into Donald Trump’s grasp.

Discussing the results earlier in the evening, one voter explained a “nightmare scenario” where Clinton lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College (a situation that happened in reverse in real life, with Trump winning in that same fashion).

“That’s your nightmare scenario, huh?” Chappelle joked.

Added another supporter, “Because of shifting demographics, there might never be another Republican president in this country.”

“Word. You ever been around this country before?” Chappelle said in response.

Rock showed up as states like Ohio and Florida fell away, leaving the group — which included cast members Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, and Cecily Strong — crestfallen that Clinton would not become the first female president.

“I don’t get you ladies. The country is 55 percent women. If the country was 55 percent black, we’d have tons of black presidents. I mean, Flavor Flav would be president,” Rock joked.

Later, when Bryant wondered why the country didn’t come out to vote for Clinton, Rock offered a reason. “I mean, maybe because you’re replacing a charismatic 40-year-old black guy with a 70-year-old white woman. That’s like the Knicks replacing Patrick Ewing with Neil Patrick Harris,” he joked.

When Trump finally won, the group was devastated. “You guys were right. It’s a historic night. Don’t worry about it: eight years are going to fly by,” Chappelle said.

“Yeah, don’t worry: it’s going to be all white,” Rock joked.

Watch below.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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