Way before his string of movies with Jennifer Lawrence, David O. Russell’s second feature film, Flirting With Disaster, hit theaters on March 22, 1996. To commemorate its 20th anniversary this year, the filmmaker reunited with star Lily Tomlin to reminisce about old times following a special screening at the AFI Festival, co-presented by Miramax.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner moderated the discussion. “When I read the [Flirting] script, I laughed every time,” Tomlin said (via IndieWire). “It was just so hilarious.”

The actress played Mary, the hippie, biological mother of Mel (Ben Stiller), who travels across the country with his wife (Patricia Arquette) to find his birth parents.

Russell recalled during an interview with The Los Angeles Times, “That dinner table scene where Richard Jenkins is on acid is something that everybody really felt on the day, and there were things that people did that were surprises, like when Lily Tomlin lifted her leg up.” He then mentioned during the AFI discussion, “That tattoo [idea] was completely Lily’s. It just happened in the middle of the scene, and it’s perfectly timed.”

See another pic from the reunion below.

Flirting with Disaster
  • Movie
  • 92 minutes
  • David O. Russell