Credit: CNN

Sam Wang, a Princeton professor and poll expert, wagered he would eat a bug if Donald Trump won 240 electoral votes in the election. As we all learned earlier this week, the now President-elect ended up with a surprising 290 votes. So, Wang went on CNN and fulfilled his promise.

Before eating a spoonful of honey-covered gourmet crickets from a can, he prefaced, “I think that the eating bug thing is itself sensationalist and it keeps us off of important policy issues such as Supreme Court appointments.” Also mentioning Trump’s conversation with Obama, he added, “There are things that can happen to bring the country together, but I think the bug thing is not one of them.”

Still, he resolved, “I was wrong, a lot of people were wrong, but nobody else made the promise I did.” Afterwards, Wang simply tweeted, “blech.”

Watch him in the video above.