Comedy Central
November 11, 2016 at 01:26 PM EST

Day two of Donald Trump’s time as president-elect included a meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday, a summit Daily Show host Trevor Noah found difficult to stomach.

“Goddamn. That is so hard to watch,” Noah said. “I know this has to happen, but does it have to happen so quickly? It’s like if your dad dies, and your mom starts dating at the funeral.”

After their meeting, Obama and Trump gave short statements to the press about their conversation, with Trump saying it was a “great honor” to sit with the current president — despite the negative comments the former reality television host and future Commander-in-Chief had said about Obama in the past, including questions about his birth certificate.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your worst Twitter enemy in person? Well, picture it with nicer chairs, and it would probably go like this,” Noah joked.

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