By Mark McKinney
Updated November 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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Every week, the cast and crew of NBC’s megastore-comedy, Superstore, are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, actor Mark McKinney, who plays Glenn, walks us through the fall finale’s back-to-back episodes, “Seasonal Help” and “Black Friday.”

Welcome back! This week Superstore is a “double-header” – which, by the way, is a great idea for a new character for the show. Cloud 9 has a two-headed cashier? What the what!? Hilarious!

Head #1: What are you doing!? I already scanned the Fritos!

Head #2: Oh, sorry.

Head #1: You are so out of it today.

Head #2: Hey! I’m not ‘out.’ I’m ‘in’…love.

Head #1: GASP!

Drunk Customer: Why is this taking so long? There are FOUR of you!

The first episode up at 8 p.m. ET is “Seasonal Help,” which coincidentally is also one of the main story points in the … WAIT – just got it. Good work writers! So the aptly named “Seasonal Help” is all about our gang having to deal with a group of unruly seasonal employees landing in their midst (as in Gorillas in the Midst). Glenn thinks he’s doing Amy a favor by hiring her unemployed husband Adam. He’s not. Pretty soon Adam has let everyone know way too much personal info about Amy. Adam is played by guest star Ryan Gaul, who is very funny.

The episode ends at 8:30 p.m. So what now?


Head #2: Why?… Oops!

An Explosion – The smoke clears to reveal a tattered flag reading… “Black Friday”

Amy (who is played every week by America Ferrera) is frantic when she thinks her nausea may be morning sickness. Then everyone in the store also gets morning sickness. Meanwhile, Jonah (mostly Ben Feldman) annoys everyone by trying to document Black Friday with home video; Glenn (Mark McKinney – that’s me!) has a mood change after a trip to Tate the pharmacist (funny thy name is Josh Lawson); Garrett (still Colton Dunn) continues to push Dina’s (often Lauren Ash) buttons, with surprising results; and Mateo (sometimes Nico Santos) and Cheyenne (100% Nichole Bloom) find a way to turn Black Friday into a lucrative side business. Got it?

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Head #2: Huh?


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