'Clean-up on aisle four!'

By Breanne L. Heldman
November 11, 2016 at 02:23 PM EST
Michael Rozman; Warner Bros.
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On Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host invited “G-E-N-Y-O-U-S” Lin-Manuel Miranda to help her rap an opening to her show.

“You took one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton — you made an entire hip-hop musical about it that was interesting and fascinating and so, so successful, and I thought, I want you to rap for us today, but I’m going to give you the subject matter,” DeGeneres began. “So you’re going to just, off the top of your head, because he’s that good — he can just rap, but not like ‘chicks and Ciroc vodka’ because a lot of people, that’s what they rap about, the rappers.”

Then came the Hamilton creator’s first challenge: “You know when you hold the door open for somebody and they go through and they don’t thank you? Rap about that,” DeGeneres insisted.

After a brief pause and funny face, Miranda threw down. “Yo, Ellen, held the door for this old lady, walked by sayin’ nothin’ — so shady. Is this Trump’s America? Oh man, so rude! I hate this Whole Foods.”

The next dare remained in the grocery store: a shopping cart with one janky wheel. Miranda sang, “Lookin’ for Sriracha, Ciroc vodka, can’t find it in the supermarket, I gotcha. Oh, man, then I fall on the floor. Squeaky wheel — please clean up on aisle four!”

Needless to say, Miranda continued to crush it as he dropped rhymes about running out of hot water in the shower and updating his phone. Watch the clip below.

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