November 11, 2016 at 03:05 PM EST

L.A. Rams player William Hayes has some interesting opinions. On the one hand, he believes mermaids are real; on the other hand, he thinks dinosaurs aren’t. Taking advantage of the franchise’s recent relocation to Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel recently took Hayes to the Natural History Museum in L.A. to see if science could persuade him. They met a helpful tour guide, who explained how birds are dinosaurs and mammals are not, and how fossils are found, and things like that. Hayes was unmoved, and his belief in mermaids remained steadfast.

“I feel like there’s a large body of water we haven’t discovered,” Hayes said. “We find different species in the water every day, so who’s to say a mermaid can’t be down there?”

By the end of the tour, which included examining dinosaur skeletons and watching animatronic recreations, Hayes had changed his mind about one thing: “It changed my mind that mermaids are not just in the water, now they could be on land,” Hayes said. 

“So if anything, this has brought you closer to a belief in mermaids?” Kimmel asked.

“Absolutely,” Hayes responded. 

Watch the clip below. 

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