By Isabella Biedenharn
November 11, 2016 at 04:44 PM EST
Michael Lionstar

Jay McInerney returned to his Tribeca yuppies, Russell and Corinne Calloway (first seen in 1992’s Brightness Falls and 2006’s The Good Life) with Bright, Precious Days. In this third offering, Russell and Corrine’s marriage fractures, and they find themselves living far beyond their means. No one does New York like McInerney, so the paperback version of Bright, Precious Days is getting a gleaming new cover, which EW is proud to reveal exclusively, below.

“It’s hard to get a fresh take on the iconic streetscape and skyline of New York,” McInerney tells EW. “But this image succeeds. And it illustrates the title beautifully.”

Says Megan Wilson, director of art and design at Vintage & Anchor Books:

“We wanted the cover to look well-heeled and well-coiffed to reflect the privileged world of Russell and Corrine, who over the course of this and the two previous books in Jay’s trilogy have clung to a precariously low level of wealth in a very moneyed milieu. As New York is a major character in the book it made sense to find an image that would reflect the beauty and elegance of this city whilst playing into the title. The sunset cutting across 42nd Street with the Chrysler Building in full view seemed like a good metaphor for a story set in the last days before the crash of 2008, with a deliberate nod to the Deco Manhattan of F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

The paperback version of Bright, Precious Days hits shelves on June 6, 2017.