By Derek Lawrence
Updated November 11, 2016 at 10:39 PM EST
Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic; Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Like many Americans, Howard Stern spent the morning after the election reflecting on the surprising results. During a wide-ranging discussion on his SiriusXM radio show, the host revealed that on multiple occasions he tried to convince Donald Trump not to run for president.

On Wednesday, Stern recalled speaking to the now-president-elect on the day that he announced his campaign. “I was on the phone to him and I said, ‘Why the f— do you want this?’” he recalled asking. “I know Donald pretty well, he’s got the greatest life — you couldn’t even imagine.”

The controversial radio personality, who supported Hillary Clinton, says throughout the lead-up to the election, he continued to press Trump on why he wanted to leave his lavish lifestyle for politics.

“I think NBC was f—ing with him on The Apprentice deal. They were going to lower his pay,” said Stern, sharing his own theory. “He said, ‘You know what I’ll do, I’ll run for president. Even if I don’t win, I’ll announce, it’ll up my game, and I’ll get a better deal.’ Which is a smart move.”

While many in the country were stunned about Tuesday’s outcome, Stern believes that Trump is the person most shocked, adding, “I still don’t think he wants it.”

Earlier this year, Trump went on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his health, where he claimed, “I feel as good today as I did when I was 30.” Stern, however, estimated that Trump has “10 good years left” and expressed bewilderment that the 70-year-old would want to spend any of his remaining time in the White House.

“Now, for the next four years of his life — and you don’t know how long you’re going to live — he’s got to sit there and deal with people’s f—ing anger,” shared Stern. “Can he give the people what he promised them? Can he really change the economy? Can he really change America? You know this is like a barge. And if things go wrong — not even because of his own fault — and the economy starts to falter, then you’re everybody’s f—ing scumbag. Everyone’s like, ‘F— him.’”

Listen to the NSFW audio below.