By Jessica Goodman
Updated November 11, 2016 at 01:11 PM EST
Credit: Dimities Kambouris; Getty Images for Mohegan Sun

Fergie’s back with another solo song, “Life Goes On,” which follows this summer’s cheeky “MILF $.”

The trop-pop track, which features Fergie rap-singing, houses lyrics like, “Life goes on with or without you/ It’s up to you what you’re gonna do/ You could go or you could stay/Who cares anyway?Life goes on with or without you.”

Released the week of the presidential election, Fergie tweeted the track with a hopeful message, “In the midst of all the madness, remember life is beautiful.”

Fergie released her first solo album The Dutchess a decade ago, and has yet to reveal an official album title for her second album, reportedly called Double Dutchess.