By Dalton Ross
Updated November 11, 2016 at 01:30 PM EST

Things did not end so well for Chris last season on Fear the Walking Dead. Come to think about it, things didn’t start off so well for Chris either. I guess finding out your dad shot your mom will do that sort of thing.

As season 2 went on, Chris became more of a problem, even if his father ignored the signs. In a new, exclusive scene from the Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD sets that will be released on Dec. 13, we see Madison trying to warn her fiancée about Chris after he straight up murdered one of the guys that they had taken prisoner — who, granted, had tried to kill them. But Travis isn’t ready to hear it.

Check out the exclusive deleted scene above, and for more deleted scenes, commentaries, and featurettes, pick up Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season on Dec. 13.

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