Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s impending presidency has further divided much of the nation and caused many Americans to worry about the country’s future. Veteran journalist Dan Rather believes it is now up to all citizens to preserve democracy.

On Friday evening, Rather posted an extended note on Facebook, where the former CBS anchor discussed the current political environment, reflecting back on past struggles in the nation’s history, including the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War.

“I believe that we are once again at an inflection point,” he wrote. “This presidential election, with its bitter partisan divide and often irresponsible rhetoric, threatens to crumble some of the foundations of our democratic institutions. We now await to see whether the president-elect’s actions will match his words. We cannot simply slough off these worries with incantations that everything will work out. The dictionary lists ‘democracy’ as a noun, but because it requires action to be, I like to think of it more as a verb.”

Rather, who in August blasted Trump for his “direct threat of violence” against Hillary Clinton, called for “healthy and respectful debate” despite differences in policy and priorities.

“When we seek to undermine our political adversaries by attacking their right to participate in our national discourse we risk causing longterm harm to the rationale behind the nation we all claim to love,” he wrote. “Anyone who considers himself or herself a true patriot cannot allow us to head down this dangerous path. It is in our hands to demand that we re-water the seeds of our highest national morals and ideals.”

Read Rather’s full post below.