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Big Brother: Over the Top just had its dreaded double eviction, and not everyone made it out okay.

Whitney Hogg, a 21-year-old medical assistant from Kentucky, was the second houseguest evicted on Wednesday night. Head of Household Danielle Lickey put her up on the block alongside ally Justin Duncan. Former Ball Smashers alliance members Morgan Willett and Shelby Stockton voted to evict Duncan, but Kryssie Ridolfi and Jason Roy’s votes led to a tie. Lickey broke the tie and Hogg was sent out of the house.

Here, Hogg talks with EW about her gameplay, switching alliances, and her unlikely friendship with Duncan.

The Ball Smashers seemed like such a strong alliance from the beginning. When did you start to distrust them?

That moment was when I had a talk with Justin in the Have-Not room the week when we were Have-Nots. He [told me], “Whitney, your name is being thrown around. It’s Scott and Alex throwing you under the bus.” So at that point, I knew that I had to make some moves even if that was going behind the Ball Smashers backs. At the end of the day, it’s an individual game, and I felt like that if I didn’t make that move, I would have went home Scott’s week.

Justin is an interesting guy — why do you think you connected with him so well?


Looking back, what would you change in your gameplay?

I have tried to live out this game with no regrets, but looking back on it now, I think maybe the one thing that I would change is pushing for Morgan to go home instead of Alex this past week when it was all three of us sitting on the block. I was thinking more end-game rather than present-game. I knew that Alex was a huge competition threat and if she got to the end, she had a very good chance of winning this game — when I should have thought of present game: Morgan can still receive a care package, and so can I. If I would have eliminated Morgan, I think that I would still be in the house for sure. So if I could go back, I would push for Morgan to have been evicted.

Were you surprised that Morgan and Shelby voted to evict Justin and not you?

I didn’t think they would put that much pressure on Danielle to decide between me or Justin, so I was very surprised that they voted to keep me. But I know Morgan and Shelby’s game plan because I was in an alliance with them for 40-plus days. I know that they viewed Justin as a huge, huge threat, competition-wise and… in personality. America probably really likes him, so I knew that they viewed Justin as a lot bigger threat than me. But it was unexpected because I didn’t think they would make Danielle choose.

In the moments leading up to that eviction, everyone was strategizing in the bathroom and you and Justin were just waiting on the couch. Did you feel like you couldn’t save yourself?

At that point, I did feel like that because I knew it was a lost cause to try to talk to Morgan and to get her to use the veto on me. If she would have used it on me, Shelby would have went home. For Morgan’s game, that didn’t make any sense and I knew that. When you’re in the house and there is an eviction, you know that no matter what you say, people are going to vote the way that they want to vote and the way that benefits their game the best. So at that point, I knew that it was going to be either me or Justin. He was my best guy friend in the house, so I was just like, “It’s going to be one of us — let’s just sit here and ride it out together.”

So Julie Chen told you about the sister twist…

I cannot believe it — it has been the only thing on my mind ever since Julie told me yesterday. I just don’t know how I didn’t realize it or how I didn’t catch on. It never even crossed my mind. They deserve an award for acting! I should have known now that I’m putting two and two together: They’re both from Texas, they’re both blond, and they’re both gymnasts. I’m definitely going to say something to Alex when I get out of here because they were my best friends for 40 some days and she should have told us! But I understand why she didn’t — I wouldn’t have told anyone either.

Who do you think has the best chance of winning?

I think Jason has the best chance of winning, only because he already has a lot of supporters from when he did this previously and I think that will play a big factor, but also, Jason is playing a great game. He has yet to get a lot of blood on his hands because he hasn’t won Head of Household until this past week, and even though he put his own person up, he was able to take her down. I don’t think anyone has bad blood with Jason in the whole entire house. I think that he has the better chance to win at this point.

Who would you like to see win?

Definitely I will be rooting for Jason and Justin. I think they’re both great players. Hopefully Justin starts making some moves because he’s yet to do that, but I know that’s part of his strategy. If it comes down to Justin and Jason, I would be rooting for them both.

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