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A superfan of the game, Alex Willett was a strong competitor and strategist in Big Brother: Over the Top. And that’s likely what led to her being evicted from the house.

After being nominated by America to sit with her sister, Morgan Willett, and former alliance member Whitney Hogg, Alex was voted out unanimously as the first houseguest in a double eviction. There was a glimmer of hope with Jason Roy, who had won Power of Veto, saying he would leave Danielle Lickey on the block and vote her out. But it was all a ruse: Lickey came down, Morgan went up, and Alex went out of the house.

Here, Alex tells EW what moves she thinks made her a target — including aligning with Scott and saving her own sister — and what it was like playing in such a divided house.

Looking back on your game, what would you do differently?

Oh man. There are a couple things I can pinpoint where I messed up: I loved Scott as a person, but I think aligning with him actually ended up hurting my game more than helping it because I got in a little too deep with Jason and he ended up stabbing me in the back and twisting my words. So I definitely would have stuck with the Ball-Smashers for a little bit longer — and not try to protect my sister as much. There was a time when Jason was talking to me and Scott. He was bringing up Morgan and Whitney’s name, and I had to try to throw Whitney a little under the bus in order to protect my sister. Those were my two biggest regrets I think.

Do you think that being such a big fan of the show helped or hurt you this season?

I think it may have actually hurt me a little bit because it really added to me being a target. I was already a target from the beginning when I was winning competitions. Everyone was like, “She’s a super fan, she knows the game really well.” A lot of people in the house don’t know the game very well, so I think that might have intimidated them.

There’s a huge divide in the house this season — what do you think was the initial cause for that?

It’s sounds so weird, but we all blame it on the lack of naps. There is a group of people in the house that would go to bed around midnight because you can’t sleep in the house and there’s nothing to do except sleep. And there’s a group in the house that would thrive off a couple hours of sleep in the house and go to bed at 4 in the morning. Really the two divisions in the house were the people who went to bed at midnight and the people who went to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning.

The split down the house seemed to go on much longer than I expected it to.

Me, too! We’re two-thirds of the way through the season. I was hoping that [by now] the two divisions of the house would start coinciding and making side alliances. That’s why we were trying to pull Jason and Danielle in because we thought it was time. But clearly not.

It seemed like there was a lot of personal interests involved and not just game play. Did it feel like that in the house?

Yes, it felt very personal in the house. I can’t speak for the other side, but I do know that my side would often feel that the other side was playing more of a personal game than opposed to an actual strategic game. We always said, “They wanted to just have the Friendship Club going on,” that they planned to make BFFs instead of actually playing the game. I definitely, definitely feel that there was a lot of personal things happening during this season.

Why do you think that is?

I chalked it up to be that there’s some people in the house that don’t know the game at all. Justin and Kryssie don’t know the game and they’re kind of the key players in wanting to just take their absolute BFFs to the end instead of making big moves. I think that has a lot to do with it. You can’t make side alliances or talk strategy with people who aren’t interested in actually playing the game.

And involving America probably didn’t help with that!

Oh, no. It made it so much more difficult. I love this game, and I do love the twists this season, but having played it, it was crazy. I never felt like I was in control; even when one of my friends was HOH, you just knew that you were probably still going home. It was a crazy, crazy game this season.

The other side thought you were the mastermind of the Ball-Smashers group. Would you consider yourself the ringleader?

Whitney and Morgan had stronger social games, and Morgan was also in there with us running numbers. Shelby was kind of like my right-hand man. I think at the beginning I was able to contribute more by winning the comps and keeping the power with us and that’s what kind of gave me that [label] of being the frontrunner of my group.

Whitney was originally part of Ball-Smashers and eventually went to the other side of the house. Do you regret trusting her or wish you had done something differently with her?

There wasn’t much we could do [differently] with Whitney. We did trust her from the beginning, but once we saw her hanging out with Justin and Kryssie for long majorities of time, we knew we had lost her. I don’t regret trusting her because we had to have her as a number to pull of some of the stuff that we did, such as getting Neeley out of the house. It’s just unfortunate that it happened like it did and that she ended up flipping, but that’s the game.

Were you surprised that you and Morgan were able to keep the fact that you were sisters a secret for so long?

Yes! Once I walked into the house and saw Morgan, I was so nervous. I thought immediately people would say we looked identical or similar at least. We have similar tendencies, we brought some of the same clothes in the house, and people never figured it out. The fact that they don’t know still blows my mind. It’s a pretty successful twist so far!

Who do you think has the best chance to win and who do you want to win?

Best chance to win: I think Jason is running the show on his side of the house right now. He has Justin and Kryssie who are going to do his dirty work for him, so he should be okay as long as Danielle doesn’t take him out. Who do I want to win? I obviously want my sister to win. I was so stoked that she’s still there. I thought for sure she’d be following me. So definitely Morgan or Shelby for the win.

What did you feel that being in the house taught you about yourself?

It taught me that you are always stronger than you think you are. There were times in the house where I was so tired of the people and the personalities in there and you just want to get away and you can’t. There are times when you’re at your absolute lowest, like I was this week, and there are times when you’re at your highest. It teaches you to enjoy every minute of it. I got to live my dream living in the house — I have no regrets, and I’d go back in a second if I could.

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