Credit: CBS

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the puppet voiced by Robert Smigel, hit Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on Wednesday to weigh in on Donald Trump’s surprising win in the presidential election.

“People are blaming the election on voters being stupid, which I think is very unfair to the racists,” Triumph said, one of his many one-liners about the Trump victory.

“You elitists, you need to go out and see the real America. I hear the meth is amazing. I mean, it has to be: look who they voted for,” Triumph added.

Of the election, Triumph claimed it came down to the issues. “Hillary didn’t have an issue; she ran on nothing. Meanwhile, Donald Trump had a clear message: ‘I have a hat. Won’t you join me and my hat?’ It’s a red hat, for God’s sake. It’s a red hat,” he joked.

But all is not lost for Trump detractors, according to the puppet. “We’ll finally get to see Donald’s plan to destroy ISIS. Which I assume is to buy it and run it like one of his casinos.”