By Madeline Raynor
November 10, 2016 at 09:01 PM EST
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Rachel Bloom does everything on her show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, including acting, writing, and songwriting.

“Usually I’m the one who scripts out the musical videos, even if I haven’t written the song. I will script them out pretty specifically,” she says to Ricky Camilleri on the latest episode for Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “On the day, I’m usually there, and if I’m in it and can’t watch, I will ask for what’s called playback, which is like, let’s see playback on that last shot.”

In “Love Kernels” — the season 2 premiere’s Lemonade ode, Bloom croons, “This video ate up our production budget.” It turns out that’s true, as Bloom tells Camilleri that the musical numbers eat into the show’s budget for non-musical scenes. They also require a lot of time. “It’s a very ambitious show because we’re an hour long and shoot seven days. One or two of those is taken up with just musical numbers. In a typical music video, you’ll have four or five settings. We don’t have the budget for that,” she says.

When asked if she ever spreads herself so thin that one part of her job suffers, Bloom says she still knows how to focus on her camera work. “The scene work is kind of just a part of the scheduling of the day,” she explains. “And then when you’re in it, you’re like, ‘Oh, this takes all of my energy. I should just be focused on this right now.'”

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