Ellen DeGeneres has some interesting questions for the costars
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, and true to form, the Passengers costars manage to make what could be a sexy round of 5 Second Rule awkwardly hilarious.

DeGeneres’ signature game is simple: she asks two players to name three things, and they have five seconds to answer and hit their buzzer. It all starts off pretty tame, with Pratt and Lawrence naming space movies and planets, but then DeGeneres says this: “Chris, name your three favorite body parts of the opposite sex.”

“Lungs, nipples, and feet,” answers Pratt, making Lawrence laugh out loud. After DeGeneres repeats the list matter-of-factly, Pratt adds, “In that order.”


Pratt won’t let Lawrence’s motion go, imitating her moves and pointing out how they could easily be construed for a lewd sign. “Right here?” he says, making her laugh again. “Depends on who you are.”

“Oh, God,” says Lawrence, laughing. “I just realized that totally looked like I was pointing down… It’s so much worse that I was oblivious to it, too.”

They go on to discuss words for making love, red carpet poses, and what Pratt should never say to his wife, Anna Faris, and a man should never say to Lawrence. Watch the full video below, and check your local listings to find out when the show airs Thursday.

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