Internet memes and myths lead to a dark, true crime tale in the chilling trailer for HBO’s Beware the Slenderman.

Irene Taylor Brodsky’s upcoming documentary examines the internet myth that prompted a pair of Wisconsin 12-year-olds to attempt to murder a classmate, all to appease the fictional supernatural figure Slenderman.

The promo’s opening conjures up memories of The Blair Witch Project, while introducing the horror legend’s creepy existence. ”The palest man, the blackest suit. Quicker than the tallest brute. Fear the man, the Slenderman. For he can do what no one can,” the voice-over eerily warns.

Similar to Netflix’s Making a Murderer, Beware the Slenderman tracks its case through news coverage, footage of police interviewing the suspects, and commentary from members of the community, as well as experts.

The documentary, which premiered in March at South By Southwest, will debut Jan. 23 on HBO.

Watch the trailer above.