Credit: TBS

During a fiery opening segment on Wednesday’s post-election episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, host Samantha Bee blasted white voters for putting Donald Trump in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

“In the coming days, people will be looking for someone to blame: the pollsters, the strident feminists, the Democratic party, a vengeful god. But once you dust for fingerprints, it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people. I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run,” Bee said. “The caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump. So I don’t want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout. How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?”

Bee added, “White people, this is the worst thing we’ve ever— no, I’m sorry, that’s a very high bar. But holy s—, and don’t try to distance yourself from the bad apples and say, ‘It’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him. Hashtag not all white people.’ Shush. If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we.”

The host then cited demographic splits, noting that 63 percent of white men voted for Trump, as did a majority of white women. “And a majority of white women, faced with the historic choice between the first female president and a vial of weaponized testosterone said, ‘I’ll take option B. I just don’t like her,'” Bee said. “Hope you got your sticker, ladies. Way to lean out.”

During her concession speech on Wednesday, Clinton made special mention of “all the little girls who are watching this,” asking them to “never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

On Full Frontal, Bee played that footage from Clinton’s speech and said despite the former Secretary of State’s electoral loss, the future still pointed toward a female president. “If Ms. Rodham’s not in the White House, that’s okay. One of those girls is going to be,” Bee said. “We still have millions of nasty women who are not going away. And as long as women over 25 are still allowed on television, I’ll be here cheering them on. Although that may only be until late January.”

Bee closed her monologue by highlighting significant victories for female candidates on Election Day, and made one final plea to white women for the 2018 midterm elections and beyond.

“Let’s get off the floor and get busy. Especially you white women,” Bee said. “We’ve got some karma to work off.”