Michael Schur reacted to Donald Trump's win with 28-tweet thread
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Before seeking a post-election respite from social media, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Michael Schur shared a solemn, lengthy rumination about Donald Trump’s political rise and unexpected victory.

In a 28-tweet thread posted Wednesday, Schur lamented that “America, in its collective wisdom, has elected a vain, violent, ignorant, sexist bully as our President. Not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, or a misogynist. But they did vote *for* a racist and a misogynist.”

Asserting that there is “plenty of blame to go around,” Schur called out the news media “who happily covered [Trump’s] rallies and hired his henchmen as talking heads,” the federal law enforcement agents “who intervened, banana republic junta-style, into a democratic election with a made-up scandal,” the politicians on both sides of the aisle “who treated him like a joke instead of flatly stating that he was a dangerous and unserious person,” and “the (predominantly white) people who looked at the toxic cocktail he had to offer and thought, ‘Sure. Sounds good.'”

While grappling with questions of empathy and how he will talk to his children about Trump, Schur concluded with very cautious optimism.

“America has always survived its (many) disastrous political decisions,” he wrote. “This feels like the most disastrous. I believe we can survive it. … Progress comes from empathy and inclusiveness. I will try to find empathy for the people who voted for Trump. But Trump voters have to find empathy for the people who, with very good reason, fear his Presidency. That is the only way forward.”

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