By Christian Holub
November 09, 2016 at 04:04 PM EST
Eric Liebowitz/FOX via Getty Images
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Megyn Kelly publicly clashed with Donald Trump over the course of his presidential campaign, but she urged Americans to keep an open mind about the former Apprentice host after he won the presidential election in a stunning upset Tuesday.

“I will say this, love him or hate him, he’s the president-elect of our country and the one thing he needs now more than ever is our prayers and good wishes for a strong performance,” Kelly said while co-hosting Live! With Kelly Wednesday morning. “He has a lot to deal with… at the end of it we accept the results and we get behind our president. We all share the same basic core as Americans, and that’s what we should focus on. Keep an open mind, see what he does. And my philosophy in hard times is any time you feel blue, threatened or scared, remember who you are.”

By most morning-after estimates, Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton but won the Electoral College, 289-218. The shocking defeat came after most polls in the months leading up to Election Day suggested Clinton would win. “It was a resounding victory,” Kelly said of Trump’s performance. “I have never seen anything like this. You will never have a result this shocking where people got it shockingly this wrong.”

Back in the Republican primary debates, Trump got incensed by some of Kelly’s questions and accused her of having “blood coming out of her wherever.” Later, Trump boycotted a debate hosted by Fox News. He eventually reached a detente with Kelly, agreeing to an interview as part of her May primetime special, Megyn Kelly Presents

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