Rapper Killer Mike emerged as an unexpectedly prominent voice in this presidential election, thanks to his public support for Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary campaign. On Wednesday morning, Killer Mike (real name Michael Render) went on The Real to talk about Donald Trump’s victory, and offered a typically intelligent take. Render talked about the anger of poor white people in America right now, and compared the situation to the era of the civil rights movement.

“I think poor white people in the civil rights movement in Mississippi were the the least-paid white people in the country,” he said. “They were treated as bad as any black worker, but simply because the imaginary line of race got put there and they could still say, ‘I’m superior to this person,’ they never joined the black worker and fought for better conditions for them all,” Killer Mike said. “I think they have worked for a party and voted for a party that used the illusion of patriotism, that used the illusion of the military, that used the illusion of being better by skin color and class, to oppress them.”

But Killer Mike went further. He noted that nonwhite voters also feel oppressed by their party these days – which might explain the general lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.

“On the other side, I think people that look like the people on this panel – black, brown, and all types of hues in between – I think that we have been used by a party to the liberal side that once in office has not enacted policy that was reflective of stuff that would bring our communities up,” Killer Mike said. “So I think poor people got angry, and I think that there just happened to be in this country more poor angry white people.”

Watch the clip below.