The comedian expressed her frustration in a passionate Instagram post
Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday was met with shock and disappointment by many, including scores of celebrities who took to social media to air their grievances with the president-elect. Amy Schumer, who has been vocal in her support of Hillary Clinton, posted a lengthy, heartfelt note on Instagram Wednesday to express her sadness and anger at the result of the election.

“First of all, the interview where I said I would move was in London and was said in jest,” she captioned the post, referring to a September interview where she said she’d move to Spain if Trump was elected. “Anyone saying pack your bags is just as disgusting as anyone who voted for this racist, homophobic, openly disrespectful woman abuser. Like the rest of us, I am grieving today. My heart is in a million pieces. My heart breaks for my niece and my friends who are pregnant bringing children into the world right now.”

The comedian went on to condemn Trump’s supporters, labeling them as “weak” and “misinformed,” and defended Clinton, comparing her email scandal to Trump’s lengthy list of questionable actions.

“You say lock her up, and you know something about the word email, but what was in the emails?” she wrote. “You have no clue. They said nothing incriminating. Nothing. She dedicated her entire life to public service and got our children health care and education without discrimination. He didn’t pay his workers. Started a fake college. Ripped people off. Never paid his taxes and sexually assaulted women. She would have taken care of us.”

Schumer continued to express her grief, and insisted Clinton’s intentions were good, and that she was “fighting to take care of you kicking and screaming babies.” “Yelling about emails you know nothing about and not liking her clothes or her hair,” she wrote. “Well you’ve gotten what you asked for, and now you can watch the sky open up. I am furious. I cry for her and for all the smart people I love who know what’s right, and I cry for you people who fell for shiny hats and reality catchphrases. She would have protected you. Today we grieve, tomorrow we begin again.”

Schumer’s note was accompanied by an old photo of Trump featuring a quote falsely attributed to him, saying if he ever ran for office, he’d run as a Republican because “they’re the dumbest group of voters,” though she acknowledged the quote attached to her image was fake. Read her entire passionate note below.