She used a pet psychic, you guys!

By Danielle Jackson
November 08, 2016 at 04:39 PM EST
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

People often find inspiration for their pets’ names in the most unexpected places. Take Mandy Moore, for instance. The This Is Us star sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday to discuss her new breakout series and to explain how her beloved cat Fig got his name.

In a clip from the show, Moore explains the problem she was having with her cat that caused her to reach out to a pet psychic for help. Upon moving to a new apartment, Fig (originally named Addison) stayed up all night crying, despite Moore’s many efforts to resolve the issue with cat food. According to the psychic, Fig cried at night not only because “he loved the acoustics” in Moore’s new home but, more importantly, because he loved to sing and preferred to be called Figaro instead of Addison. 

“We started calling him Figaro and it stopped immediately,” she explains. 

Watch the funny clip below. 

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