By Evan Slead
November 08, 2016 at 11:05 PM EST
Claudette Barius; Courtesy Everett Collection

What would an Independence Day sequel be without Will Smith, an epic speech from Bill Pullman, and the balance between camp and action? Indumbpendence Day, Honest Trailers’ take on the summer blockbuster.

The components that made the original movie an enjoyable experience are all gone in this version and replaced by “Judd Hirsch on a road trip with an expanding cast of orphans.” Starring in the sequel is “everyone’s favorite characters, except your favorite character”: Will Smith is absent, except from an old photograph held by his “fake movie son, who was crippled by an accident that left him entirely without charisma.”

Bill Pullman returns to play the President of the United States, but his speech this time around doesn’t provide the same goosebumps audiences were craving. Jeff Goldblum is at least a major feature of the action flick, but returned “to play himself.” At least Liam Hemsworth is available to scream through every scene, earning him a new nickname: Baby Thor’s Flying Roars.

Watch the entire clip above.

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