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UPDATE: In a stunning upset, former reality TV star and business and real estate mogul-turned-politician Donald J. Trump won the required number of electoral votes Tuesday in a hotly contested campaign, making him the 45th President of the United States come January 2017. The newly named president-elect also earned the ire of many famous faces in Hollywood, who during the night posted their shock and disappointment (and in a few cases, jubilation) at his lead in the polls over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a sampling of tweets from throughout the night and after Trump’s win was announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

EARLIER: The 2016 presidential election isn’t going the way celebrities expected.

Many polls projected Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the Electoral College over Republican nominee Donald Trump. As of this article, Trump leads 150 votes to Clinton’s 109, per The New York Times, with much of the Western United States’ results outstanding.

Given the massive vocal support for Clinton from actors, musicians, and other notable figures, her famous fans are nervous as the clock ticks away.

“I said BREATHE. (I am talking to myself too, y’know)” Hamilton creator and former star Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted.

“Someone give me hope,” Sarah Silverman added.

Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson found solace in gripping her Clinton doll. “I’ve got you and I’m not letting go. @HillaryClinton,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s futuristic sci-fi series Black Mirror provided an ominous remark. “This isn’t an episode. This isn’t marketing. This is reality,” it said.

See a collection of tweets below.