'Holy matrimony, not holy macaroni,' the rapper says of the unlikely team-up

By Derek Lawrence
Updated November 07, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: VH1

Snoop & Martha's Dinner Party

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Martha Stewart is back in her element. The lifestyle maven has returned to television to share her secrets in the kitchen. But this time, there’s a different smell in the air, and the aroma is originating from not just any herb — it’s courtesy of her new co-host, Snoop Dogg.

Twenty years ago, it would’ve been difficult to imagine that the rapper behind Doggystyle and the successful businesswoman would be coming together for a cooking series, but yet, Monday’s debut of VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party proves that anything is possible.

Despite the unorthodox pairing, Snoop isn’t surprised that his career has evolved in this way. “I’ve always had an open mind on where I could go,” he told EW. “I never thought that this was it. I never had a cap or a limit on what I could do.”

That openness is what led to the “King of Kush and “Queen of Cuisine,” as they call themselves in the show’s intro, joining forces after developing a friendship over the years and both showing off their comedic chops to the detriment of Justin Bieber at the singer’s 2015 Comedy Central Roast.

The result of this high-powered combination is a cooking show unlike any other. “A great family show, that’s wholesome, full of entertainment, great cooking, and good music,” says Snoop.

Family show is an interesting way to describe it, especially considering a few of Chef Snoop’s on-set ingredients: OG onion powder, garlic powder hash, paprika haze, and black pepper kush. The types of spices are just the beginning of the many references to the rapper’s marijuana prowess. “I normally put it on 420, but I’m going to drop it down to 350 today,” he jokes as he places a batch of pork ribs in the oven. “Snoop’s baked while you’re baked ribs.”

While the party is going down on Snoop’s side of the kitchen, which is painted purple, styled with glitter, features Casino and Goodfellas posters, and has a refridgerator that plays music when opened, it’s a little more traditional in Stewart’s area, looking exactly how you would imagine her kitchen.

Being the expert of the two, Stewart’s word reigns supreme on the show. “I can get a little bossy, but I try to be a good teacher,” she tells EW. She clearly has been taking Snoop to school because the rapper has quickly learned his lesson. “Do what Martha says, that’s the rule in the kitchen,” he shared. “We like to get taught like that. If I was in the studio, this is what I do in the studio, I direct and I lead, and this is her studio, so I expect her to take the lead and show me where I need to be.”

Snoop isn’t in the studio, but it’s been easy for him to feel at home with many of the guests hailing from his world. Among the celebrities lined up for the first season are 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, 2 Chainz, and DJ Khaled. One episode, for which EW was on set, featured Fat Joe, Remy Ma, and Kelis.

“Well, I personally thought it was a great combination,” Remy Ma told EW, who despite Fat Joe’s reluctance to believe it, insists that her friends call her Remy Martha Stewart. “Snoop Dogg has the munchies — who else better to make your best friend than Martha Stewart?”


When the hosts and guests take a break from eating, the series transforms into a loose talk-show, chock full of games and performances, including Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s perfectly themed track, “Cookin'” which would seem to be an ideal fit for the series’ theme song if Snoop didn’t have another idea.

“She may need to do the theme song,” he says of Martha, pointing out that he has already stepped into her world, so it might be her turn. “Oh, another challenge,” she laughs. Fingers crossed that season 2 kicks off with “Drop It Like It’s 350 Degrees”

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party premieres on Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Vh1.

Snoop & Martha's Dinner Party

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