By Nivea Serrao
Updated November 07, 2016 at 10:19 PM EST

It’s been a big couple of days for the animal kingdom on the internet.

Friday saw two penguins throw down in the name of love (or mate-rimony), and then Monday saw a plucky young iguana flee for its life, chased by a den of snakes.

In honor of all this natural — and completely unscripted — drama, EW has rounded up some more times Mother Nature had viewers tensely watching their screens:

Cheetah vs. Lion (Big Cat Diary)

It’s a battle of the big cats, as Cheetah mother Honey attempts to protect her three young cubs from a hungry male lion. If watching a mother try to choose how best to save her young in the face of danger isn’t tension-inducing enough, presenter Simon King finds himself in the audiences’ shoes, verbally willing the tiny cub to “stay down” and out of danger.

Mongoose vs. Cobra (Speed Kills: Desert)

What starts as an altercation between a squirrel and a cobra turns into a face-off between the cobra and its sworn enemy, the mongoose. The foes are evenly matched, leaving the outcome uncertain till the very end.

Polar Bear Surprises Seal (The Hunt)

It’s either kill or be killed for many animals just trying to survive. In this stunning seal-versus-polar bear video, viewers will find themselves rooting for both predator and prey.

Baby Black Mamba’s First Kill (Smithsonian Channel)

Baby animals frequently find themselves vulnerable to a variety of predators. But in this video, viewers see the baby predator, a young black mamba who must quickly find its fangs (and venom) as it’s forced to fend for itself.