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Each week, following her live Q&A with the houseguests and with the evicted guest, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers a few questions just for EW about the latest events in the house. Here, she talks about week 5, including who she thinks will flip alliances first.

With Scott’s exit, we saw yet another superfan exit when they strategized to go far into the game. What do you think is the biggest mistake superfans make in the Big Brother house?

I am not sure what cost Scott his game and if any of his superfan moves did him in.

Scott thought he could get on America’s good side by picking on Danielle, who had also received a nomination from America. What did you think of that strategy?

Him targeting Danielle because he thought the public would like it was an interesting strategy. I guess it could have worked, but then he runs the risk of having the public think he’s a jerk and then not like him even more than they dislike Danielle.

We’re at the halfway mark now — which players do you think have the best chance to get to the final three?


Danielle has been a bit more friendly with The Ball-Smashers and Whitney with the Late Night Jamboree — who do you think is more likely of flipping?

I say Whitney will flip first. She showed the signs first with her secret deal with Danielle to get her off the block. Smart. But Danielle is probably thinking two can play this game and doing her own repair work with the Ball Smashers!

For more Big Brother: Over the Top, read our recap of week 5 and see what Scott had to say about his eviction.

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