Oh, snap
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

Catch Trolls this weekend? The box office returns suggest that, especially if you’ve got a tot in tow, you did. But there’s still something you might not have caught during your first visit to the fluffy velvet forest of the Trolls.

The film’s director, Mike Mitchell, and co-director Walt Dohrn teased to EW the first of several Easter eggs that are hidden throughout the film. Unlike other animated treasures, this one is a little more interactive and requires you to pay attention throughout the entire movie.

“Here’s a thing that became an inside joke, and maybe it’ll be a game for everyone to play,” Mitchell says. “James Corden’s character, Biggie, holds a little character that’s becoming a standout character called Mr. Dinkles.”

Consider: Exhibit A. (Who, by the way, is actually voiced in the film by Dohrn.)


Mitchell continues: “So, every once in a while, all the Trolls kind of work together — like, Gwen Stefani and Icona Pop, all those characters all work in the group, and for the person who’s got a sharp eye, all the Trolls will be looking at an action one way, and you can spot Mr. Dinkles just slowly looking at the camera, looking out at the audience. Every time he does that, that’s kind of a game. Spot Mr. Dinkles. When Mr. Dinkles meets your eye, that’s the game.”

Mitchell laughs, “It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s a little Easter egg that we just played ourselves, and hopefully you can, too.”

So, go forth again, Trolls fans, and see if you can catch all the times this bite-sized breakout stares into your soul.

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