By Evan Slead
Updated November 05, 2016 at 06:48 PM EDT

Dana Carvey may be the king of impressions, including Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but his ability to improv and create new characters is still strong.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday featured the skit “Tumbleweed Canyon,” which brought the titular late night host and Carvey together as two obnoxious cowboys ready to verbally tear down anyone who entered their dusty domain. “You and I are the kings of this here saloon,” said Carvey, sending both actors into giggles.

Beginning with a business man, followed by a flight attendant, the pair repeatedly poke fun at the customers. “You gonna take care of some business, Mr. Businessman?” mocked Carvey, with Fallon repeating the word “business” so much that it became garbled speech. “You gonna offer us some peanuts or little pretzels?” asked Fallon of the innocent flight attendant.

Toward the end, a Donald Trump look-alike, simply referred to as “a politician,” enters the saloon, which sends the cowboy’s into a tizzy of political jabs. “What you gonna do? You gonna make this bar great again?” joked Fallon. Pulling out his improvisational skills, Carvey comments on the pair’s fake mustaches continually falling off by employing a popular Trump phrase. “You gonna say this bar is rigged like these mustaches?” he joked.

Watch the video below.

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