By Evan Slead
November 05, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Nat Geo WILD

Batman versus the Joker. Rocky versus Apollo Creed. Freddy versus Jason. Husband penguin versus homewrecking penguin.

National Geographic Wild’s “Homewrecking Penguin” video, part of the Animal Fight Night series, features the epic struggle of a husband fighting for his wife’s love. The video caught viral attention, prompting the Twitterverse to throw their support behind the various parties involved in the domestic dispute.

The narrator of the story sets up the typical flocking patterns for penguins every September, with over 200,000 of the animals building homes together in one area. It isn’t always smooth sailing for the couples, though, as seen by a husband penguin coming home to find that another male penguin has taken over his roost. The pair fight, swinging their wings like baseball bats, until both are bloody, eventually looking to the wife to declare the winner. In a shocking twist, she picks the homewrecker, leaving the husband penguin to lick his wounds. But he’s not done there. 

With such a relatable premise, Twitter users have created hilarious responses to the throw down. Here are the best comments from this animal fight.