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Now that Harry’s been revealed to be a British spy on Quantico, does that mean we’ll be seeing more of the MI-6? — Tessa

Pack your bags, because Quantico is about to go overseas. “Scenes are not going to transpire at MI-6, but we do get to go London for a little bit,” EP Josh Safran says. “You’ll learn about the MI-6, and we’ll meet [Harry’s] handler.” It’s a way of showing how season 2 is “really more about the CIA and American interests than it is about planting in other intelligence communities,” he says.

Something new about the Arrowverse crossover? — Benjilau

We know the big bad is The Dominators, who in the comics want to eliminate the threat posed by unpredictable metahumans. So, how will Caitlin, whose powers are just coming to the forefront, feel about that? “The biggest fear for Caitlin and for Team Flash is how powerful they are and how much of an unknown they are,” Danielle Panabaker says of the Dominators. “We’re only getting used to dealing with metahumans with these powers that have generally come from the particle accelerator explosion, or Doctor Alchemy, and those are formulas we’re a little more used to. Having these guys come in from who knows where, the biggest question mark for all of them is starting to figure out how they’re going to battle them.”

Give me Elementary scoop! — Tony

Remember when I teased that a familiar face would return this season? I can now exclusively reveal that Ophelia Lovibond will reprise her role as Kitty Winter for at least two episodes in the latter half of the season. Sorry, further details on the return of Sherlock’s protégé are being kept under wraps!

Do you have any Dawson/Casey scoop for Chicago Fire? — Lori

There’s more trouble ahead for Dawson and Casey heading into the upcoming 100th episode. “The family dynamic that includes Louie in their lives, that gets thrown for a real loop at the end of the episode,” EP Michael Brandt says. “As we inject more Louie into their lives and they start to decide what they want to be as a couple, everything kind of gets turned upside down on them towards the end of the first half of the season.”

Anything on Captain Cold’s return to Legends of Tomorrow? — Briana

As previously teased, Snart will be back in the midseason finale, eventually aligning with Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to form the Legion of Doom. “It’s the ultimate bad guy team up,” executive producer Greg Berlanti tells me of the latter half of the season. “We just finished the script for an episode that we’ve been tentatively calling ‘Legion of Doom’ that’s all from the bad guys’ perspective.”

Please offer me some hope about Daryl on The Walking Dead. — Raille

Would if I could. We’ll finally get to see where Negan has taken Daryl during Sunday’s episode. While he hasn’t met the same fate as Glenn and Abraham, the road ahead is rough. For one, the new living conditions are not ideal, especially when you find out what Negan’s been feeding him. “I’m butt naked … eating dog food in the next episode our show,” Norman Reedus reveals. “It was pretty gross.” That’s an understatement.

What’s going to happen now that Laurel and Frank have reunited on How to Get Away with Murder? — Jameson

Frank’s return raises even more questions as to the identity of Laurel’s baby daddy. “Laurel hasn’t seen him in months,” Karla Souza says. “She starts basically telling him to get out. But then Annalise gets on the phone and she’s like, ‘If he leaves your house, I’ll kill him.’ So then Laurel has to have him overnight knowing that she’s with Wes. I cannot even imagine Laurel having [sex with him], she has some sort of dignity and integrity, but I can’t say that in the future, who knows what the future holds.”

Is Kirk going to die on The Blacklist? — Kensi

That all depends on what Red really wants with Doctor Shaw. “The task force believes Reddington was racing to murder Dr. Shaw because she’s a Hematologist who could save Kirk,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “However, as you may have come to expect, Reddington has a plan and I’m pretty sure it’s one nobody would expect.”

Do you know anything about the upcoming episodes of Westworld? — Candice

Elsie comes very close to the truth behind those data leaks in Sunday’s episode, but having also seen next week’s outing, I will tell you first hand that there’s info even more surprising on the horizon. Let’s just say there’s something so shocking that happens next week, it left my jaw on the floor — seriously, I’m going to need to rewatch the entire series.

Where is Fitz?! And how will Jemma try and get him back on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Amber

If I told you, that would ruin the surprise. How about I give you hope instead? “The more sophisticated audience members will suspect that Coulson may not be dead in episode 6 of season 4,” Clark Gregg tells me, “and probably the same goes for Fitz and young Robbie Reyes.” At least there’s that.

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Additional reporting by Breanne L. Heldman and Shirley Li.

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