Paul Verhoeven's new drama opens in theaters Nov. 11

If you’ve heard about the upcoming French-language film Elle (check out the trailer here), then it might be a surprise to see this image from the exclusive clip above:

Is Elle a new animated movie? No, the film from infamous bad boy director Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Robocop, Showgirls), is the year’s most provocative movie. The story, about a Parisian woman (acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert) dealing with the aftermath of a sexual assault in her home by a masked intruder, challenges the viewer’s perception and preconceptions with almost every scene.

And that includes this one, featuring Huppert in the screening room the video game company that she owns. Watch how the scene plays out as both a satire of an office meeting and a wry, tricky commentary on the rampant misogyny in gaming. And, of course, the scene also includes some tension, when one of Huppert’s employees steps forward to challenge her. Could he possibly be a suspect in the crime committed against her?

There is much more to discover in Elle — we won’t even start on the whole crazy subplot involving Huppert’s mass murderer father — but you’ll have to wait until the movie opens on Nov. 11.

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  • 114 minutes